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Information About Polar Bears

polarbearfemalewithyoungcreditsusannemiller Information About Polar BearsThey are cute, cuddly as well as absolutely vulnerable. Polar bears capture the admiration and attention of folks the globe over for their fluffy white coats and huggable size. They amass respect from animal fans for their hunting skill as well as survival strategies in one of the harshest atmospheres on Earth. However in spite of their frustrating appeal these giants are actually in risk of being actually wiped off Earth absolutely.

Ice melting ought to be actually a core focus of conservation energies for the polar bear as this is impacting the polar bear the most. Polar bears rely on sizable stops of drifting ice to perform their day-to-day activities linked to staying alive. Polar bears prey on fat-laden seals from these blocks of ice, they mate, as well as some even deliver their cubs on them. The complication by having the ice melting is actually that several polar bears have gone hungry for the reason that there is actually not adequate ice for them to hunt their prey. This influences their capability to reproduce as well as bring their cubs to term that instantly impacts population amounts. Even, when ice is as well far from land, polar bears will certainly wipe out trying to swim far distances to discover them. All of these elements have actually made the polar bear more land bound.

Intervention in the form of government controls to diminish mortal influence has been highlighted as a top priority in America as well as additional countries. In addition, individual businesses and interest bunches continue to lobby as well as work with the authorities to guard this worthwhile animal in its natural habitat. Apart from authorities interference, further research pertaining to global warming is crucial so that the climate modification are able to be put a stop to or countermanded. There are agencies that are actually raising hard earned cash for this very purpose. Yet another manner communities are helping the polar bear is to make use of experienced bear patrol agents to keep the land bound polar bears from folks and to make certain that the bears are not competing as well truly by having the folks for the food sources on land.

Practical knowledge is power. Turn into additional informed about this crucial theme by visiting Polar Bears at World Wild Life.

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24 Responses to “Information About Polar Bears”

  1. retort to your retort to gym the polar bears are not effected by space, it is the ability to feed that is being allegedly being removed and no the northern ice will not all be melted in a few years guy who said that above i believe it is a concern and that they may be being affected, but i also think it is being overhyped. it seems like it is the only actual negative impact so far to global warming, and its not even that solid of an argument. while i can clearly see temperatures are rising there have yet to be imo significant global impacts, and until we see one its going to be business as usual

  2. ghost says:

    I have heard that within 4 years the northern ice will almost entirely be melted during the summer months. Many conservatives say that profits matter, and not polar bears. But bears matter to me.

  3. . says:

    They actually eat more when they go into the villages, I read something the other day that said most who have grown up near people are loosing their ability to hunt.

  4. Guy says:

    Because people like to stick there head in the sand. It makes thing easy. It means they do not have to address the problem. Just brush it under the carpet & the problem will go away, which the human race is good at doing Wrenched:- I looked at the link in English & the web site clearly contradicts what you have written about ice growth. They use the words shrinking ice & oceans ice free as early as 2020 with a sea level rise of a meter. Have I missed something. Please explain.

  5. Ellis says:

    Gym: Nobody shoots the homeless for seeking greener pastures….pretty obvious if the ice melts they will spend more time on land…and humans regard that as being theirs…

  6. HomieSensual says:

    If the polar bears are…? on the brink of extinction….. why cant they simply relocate them to where the penguins are?? or have i missed the point on this one???

  7. Because they are stupid animals and dont know jack $#!+

  8. Iskandar says:

    lol that’s a good idea! Never thought about it.

  9. I dunno then the penguins would be extinct from becoming lunch..

  10. The food chain and animal extinction? If polar bears become extinct, what would the consequences be? Since humans are at the top of the food chain, would it have any effect on any other organism if we became extinct? Sources?

  11. Monkeyboy111 says:

    If polar Bears went extinct then the penguin and seals would rule he world

  12. emucompboy says:

    > If polar bears become extinct, what would the consequences be? Their prey animals would increase in number. > would it have any effect on any other organism if we became extinct Yes. Most of our crop plants and some animals (e.g. the domesticated turkey) would become extinct.

  13. wam says:

    Are polar bears already officially listed as an endangered specie? Pls enlighten me. I’m assigned to conduct a speech about polar bear extinction in a week and I’m terribly clueless just yet.

  14. Bart U says:

    From polarbearsinternational.org: “Scientists predict that, if current warming trends continue in the Arctic, two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could disappear by 2050. At the most recent meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (held in Seattle in 2005), the world’s leading polar bear scientists reported that of the 19 subpopulations of polar bears, five were declining, five were stable, two were increasing, and seven had insufficient data to make a determination. The group reclassified the polar bear as vulnerable on the IUCN World Conservation Union’s “Red List of Threatened Species,” noting that the species could become extinct due to sea ice changes. Individual countries with polar bears have reclassified the species as well. Citing to concerns about shrinking sea ice habitat, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced on May 14, 2008, that it is listing the polar bear as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. Canada and Russia both list the polar bear as “a species of concern.” The major threat to the polar bear is shrinking sea ice habitat due to climate change. Other threats include pollution, poaching, and industrial disturbances. Hunting could become a threat if populations are not well managed.”

  15. Mouseinarmor says:

    According to most people, every trophy animal on the planet is endangered.

  16. Supposedly, Sarah Palin sued Congress for putting polar bears on the endangered species list while Alaska was having polar bear overpopulation. As far the North & South poles go, I have no idea. Check Wikipedia.org for “polar bears.” They list practically everything.

  17. Brodge says:

    Are polar bears near extinction? Or is it true what they said on the discovery channel and sky that the amount of Polar bears are actually high and that people who know nothing about them going around claiming that they are near extinction because of Global Warming i mean Climate Change…Anyone know the true ?

  18. yes they are because the closer we get to global warming the less time polar bears have on ice and if they run out of ice they can only swim for so long

  19. Yes, they are nearly in extinction because of the global warming. About 200 polar bears were there, they were sent to the zoo.

  20. No, at the moment polar bear populations are mostly okay. A few are declining, but if the planet stayed in its current state, polar bears would be just fine. The problem is that polar bears need Arctic sea ice to hunt. If too much sea ice melts too soon, they can’t hunt, and if they can’t hunt, obviously they starve. Here is the long-term trend in Arctic sea ice extent: http://nsidc.org/news/images/20081002_Figure3.png So while polar bear populations are currently okay, they’re considered a threatened species because of this.

  21. Not only are they cute, they are also big. This makes them perfect for attracting human sympathy.

  22. Dixie Woman says:

    The Polar Bear is a magnificent creature. I don’t know what we can do other than halt poaching and preserve their habitats if possible. Hopefully, there are those who do know what to do to save them, and will.

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